Car Insurance for classic cars


An ever-increasing amount of drivers are buying classic cars, often they are choosing vehicles they always dreamt of owning when they were younger.

Finding a classic car is only one part of the equation, however: the other important aspect is that of finding the cheapest classic car insurance possible so you can enjoy driving your pride and joy.

Generally, although not always, the cost of a classic car insurance policy is less than for a more modern vehicle. The reason for it being cheaper is mainly down to the simple fact that classic cars are often more looked after and driven on average for fewer miles than a modern car per year.

Although insurance may be cheaper there are still some things to keep in mind whilst looking for cheap car insurance for classic cars.


It is always worth shopping around for car insurance, prices can vary greatly and when looking for classic car insurance it is especially important to have good insurance because vintage cars can need more attention and looking after to remain pristine.